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Why use a Travel Agent? (We have 3 basic reasons and more...).

#1 PRICE ~ When you shop on the "Travel Sites" you're actually seeing a Biased Display of what they want to show you, not necessarily the Best Deal! If you think you've found a good price online, there's always a reason, and it's never, ever a good reason. Fees, taxes and amenities are the biggest surprises, but value is really the reason, because the discounters are trying to move things that nobody really wants to begin with.
#2 EXPERTISE ~ The average person takes a trip about every 18 months. Travel Agents actually deal with trips on a daily basis. Or roughly, 547 times more than the average traveler in that same time period. They'll know the tricks and the traps, because, like your profession, they've been well trained and are extremely experienced in finding you exactly what you want. We train every day with vendors just to keep up with the best opportunities, and quite honestly, who do you think knows more about travel, uncle Bob, or a certified Travel Agent? After all, everything you see online is totally true, right?
#3 CONNECTIONS ~ When you press that Buy Now button, and spend your hard earned vacation budget, and if something goes wrong, where are you going to turn? Travel Agents can reach out to their professional connections and take care of everything that can happen along the way, Cruise Lines, Airlines, Hotels, Cars, events and more. Virtually everything!

100% of travel today is actually booked through a Travel Agent. That's hard to believe because you think you're getting a good deal on those online engines, right? Do you wanna know what?


That's right ~ they're actually Travel Agents selling other Vendors inventory. That is, with one really BIG exception! When you call us, (our phone number is at the very top of this page) we'll answer the phone, respond to your requests, and deliver to you what you deserve! You can only imagine if you were to have an issue that you booked yourself - who could you reach out to - your Buy Now button? As your Travel Agent, if we were to reach out to a vendor and say jump, you can only imagine the vendor to ask, How High.

Truly, our job is not to just find you the best deal, but to find you the right deal. Yes, we earn commissions for what we do from the vendors (just like those online services you think are the best deals), but that does not necessarily mean you're going to pay more. Instead, it means you're going to get exactly what you're looking for, and even possibly at a cost that will save you money in the total scheme of things.

It's because statistically the average person will book travel usually only once every 547 days ~ however ~ we work travel 547 of those days!

Thus, as we have discovered being (somewhat amateur) world travelers ourselves, it suddenly dawned on us that we really enjoy discovering places that we like and, in the process, some that we don't like as well.

Here's what we've learned in our adventures. There's many out there that really do feel they can put together their travels online. Do you really want to know what? They're right, and most certainly can. Our advice is to GO FOR IT!!! Press the Buy Now button, and get what you think you got! You'll (sometimes) find all of the same things here, and (sometimes) at the exact same costs. The difference is that there's going to be A LOT that you'll possibly miss. Like special events, hobbies, games, dining, relaxing, hotspots, concerts and shows, package discounts, vendor specials, increased inventory, connections, group discounts, group incentives, Buy one Get one offers, HUGE vendor incentives, and much more..

In fact, the list of what we can offer to you in addition to your online choice is so immense, at the very least.

That's exactly why you're here! We don't offer "ALL INCLUSIVE" vacation packages! We deliver them. Outline what you want for your memories, and we'll turn them into realities!

Now, imagine yourself relaxing on the beach in Kona, Hawaii. The white sand granules tickling your toes as the waves gently reach your feet. The sun feels warm, not hot, and the breeze from the ocean feels very comfortable. The feeling of loneliness is only overcome by the tranquility of being totally at peace now that you're in your favorite place. Everything comes together to offer little distractions, as you drift off into your imagination, realizing you're actually living within your dream. It's exactly as you had imagined.

As you doze off into your dream, a smile reaches your lips. The smile that recognizes you've reached your dreams with the help of your really good friends Barbie and Vinnie at Travel B and V. Your decisions to do things exactly as you had imagined, and with absolutely little effort, brings you back to the euphoric state of relaxation and enjoyment.

Now, as you begin to build your memories, you truly realize that all it took to get started was to fill out a few simple questions to the right of this paragraph to put you into your Ultimate Dream Experience.

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Statistically the average person will book travel usually only once every 547 days ~ however ~ we work travel 547 of those days!
We train with our Vendors constantly to ensure you're getting the best!
Our Vendors then communicate with us regularly to again ensure you're getting the best!
Each and everything we work at here is to Ensure You're Getting the Best!

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We're an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network in our extensive training and bookings, with the complete knowledge you'll trust.

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Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have the Ultimate Dream trip experience.

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We don't add hidden extras cost. All trips include travel permit, lodging and food. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

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We're aligned to offer everything on one Itinerary. From the moment you leave your front door, until the moment you lie your head back on your pillow at home.

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Everyone loves the word free, right? With travel B and V, you'll just enjoy your travel FREEdoms!

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